ReloadPro XL


Measure your protein powder without the hassle or the mess! No more worrying about scooping your powdered formula. This universal lid will give you the accurate dose of your favorite supplement product every time. Fits most large-sized supplement containers. See our size Matrix for support.


  • 120 mm diameter
  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA-Free Material
  • Auto-Dispense Technology


Get a precise dose of your favorite supplement product every time with ReloadPro. No scoops. No mess.

ReloadPro is a universal lid designed to fit on most supplement containers. Simply attach ReloadPro, flip the container, and twist over your cup to dispense.

Twist. Fill. Dispense.

Developed by a team of fitness enthusiasts and product developers, ReloadPro is specially designed to tackle a common problem—the mess and hassle of scooping protein powders.

There’s nothing like ReloadPro on the market today. With a simple twist of the wrist, the ReloadPro universal dispensing lid delivers a perfectly portioned dose of product into your cup. Enjoy pre- and post-workout shakes with no messy scooping and no contamination issues.

ReloadPro is BPA free and made of highly engineered resins and stainless steel. It’s sturdy design is built to last. ReloadPro is easy to disassemble and reassemble for washing, by hand or in the dishwasher.

Benefits of ReloadPro

  • Consistent dosing: Flexible dosing means no more measuring out servings. ReloadPro lets you choose your dosage, from 10 grams to 45 grams.
  • Universal fit: ReloadPro comes in two sizes: Mini or XL. Together, these universal lids fit almost every nutraceutical container on the market.
  • No mess: ReloadPro eliminates the need for messy prepackaged scoops. Attach ReloadPro to your container, twist, fill, and dispense the product into your cup—no scooping required. Lose the Scoop.
  • No contamination: Every time you reach into a container to scoop out product, you’re introducing germs and contaminants. ReloadPro eliminates this problem.
  • No waste: It’s almost impossible to scoop the last remaining bits of product out of a container. This can add up over time, and protein powders aren’t cheap. With ReloadPro, nothing goes to waste.
  • Convenience: No more opening and closing a container to find a scoop you could lose. Put that time back to good use. Lose the scoop. Simply twist, fill, dispense and repeat each time.


ReloadPro Mini Coming Soon ReloadPro XL

(120 MM diameter)

10g 25g
15g 35g
25g 45g

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