Our Story

Andrew, CEO of ReloadPro, noticed a common issue at his gym—protein powders all over the place. Scooping powder supplements out of the canister is messy business. It spills, gets into the air, and ends up everywhere.

He knew there had to be a better way to portion out supplement powders for pre- and post-workout shakes.

After searching high and low for a solution, he didn’t find anything that really solved the problem. That’s when he decided to create the solution—one that was innovative, useful, and convenient. He teamed up with a small but mighty group of fitness and product development experts, and ReloadPro was born.

With ReloadPro there’s:

  • No scooping
  • No messy spills
  • No measuring
  • No contamination issues
  • No scraping bottom of supplement containers

Users simply attach the universal lid and twist 360 degrees. ReloadPro automatically dispenses the powder into your cup. It’s that simple.

Designed, made, and assembled in the USA


A former College Athlete who believes in creating innovative solutions for solving life’s everyday challenges. Hence, the creation of the ReloadPro. Andrew is also a supply chain executive with a MBA in management and has an extensive manufacturing background for the consumer products industry and time in fast pace automotive sector. His many accomplishments include successful New Product Introduction, many industry awards, and patents from the USPTO.


A design savant who has over thirty years design experience in consumer goods. His visionary design is inspired by creating amazing consumer experiences. Jack’s mechanical excellence and design prowess brought the ReloadPro to life and are at the heartbeat of the organization.


A sales executive with a MBA in Accounting. Extensive experience in managing relationships with big box retailers, independent dealers, to end consumers. I only support products that enhance customer experience and this is one of the most amazing inventions since the scoop!


Wow, where was this product 10 years ago!



What a great way to avoid a mess, especially under my finger nails and all over my counter!


Mikey Swell

The product’s convenience factor is unmatched by any product on the market, twist.fill.dispense. Never lose or search for a scoop again!


ReloadPro supports Mike and strongly recommends his state of the art preworkout supplement. Try it and you’ll switch for life! (and it works with ReloadPro lids)

Sean Fox

Saves me time, money, and avoids a powdery mess.